About Us

Nordeco' Is One of Russia's Largest Woodworking Businesses

NORDECO – in this name is the power of three factories, time-tested product quality, production stability and a competent approach to business.

Under the NORDECO trademark, we produce birch plywood, softwood lumber, Particle-boards (chipboards), film-faced chipboards, medium-density fiberboard, film-faced medium-density fiberboard, wood cement boards. Our task is to create high-quality, demanded material that meets international standards and trends.

The formula for our success is in several components:

PRODUCT QUALITY. We have our own raw material base from northern wood species – durable, dense, moisture resistant, resistant to physical influences.

SAFETY. All products are environmentally friendly, formaldehyde content complies with international standards, which is confirmed by the certificate E 0.5. And this makes it possible to use products in special rooms – children’s and medical institutions.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. The capacities of three plants, technological innovations, new equipment allow increasing production volumes and expanding the range.

A SMART APPROACH TO BUSINESS. We respect a long-term partnership and do our best to keep it that way.

The company produces:

Фанера березовая
Birch plywood interior grade

170 000 m³ per year

Пиломатериалы хвойные

40 000 m³ per year

Древесно-стружечная плита
Particle-boards (chipboards)

733 000 m³ per year

Ламинированная древесно-стружечная плита
Laminated chipboards

497 000 m³ per year

Древесно-стружечная плита
MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

100 000 m³ per year

Фибролитовые плиты
Wood cement boards

60 000 m³ per year

Ламинированная древесно-стружечная плита
Laminated MDF

50 000 m³ per year

Taking Care of the Environment

Besides spending much on production modernization, Nordeco also emphasises forest management and reforestation.