All Types of Plywood in India

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When you decide to put your hand on any type of woodwork for your interior design or furniture manufacturing goals, what would you do first? We can bet that you will go to the nearest lumber store to select the material to work with. Yet, when you come there, you can be a bit confused with the diversity of options that obviously can fit your ideas. 

Moreover, there is a diversity of solid wood types as well as a variety of plywood boards represented in the market. Thus, making a choice can seem a bit daunting task. That’s why we decided to focus on the types of plywood to help you pick a perfect match for your ideas.

Discovering the Essence of Plywood: Why Do You Need That Material

First, what is plywood? That is a commonly used definition of wooden materials used for interior design, renovation, and furniture making. The essence of plywood is hidden in its manufacturing process. In brief, plywood material is made of thin wooden plates or wood veneers that are glued to each other under high pressure with the help of special compounds.

Plywood differs by its structure, its sheet sizes, as well as by its application range. As usual, it is compared to solid wood or MDF. And today, it beats both of them due to multiple features which can simply be called the benefits of this composite material.

plywood varietyCompared to solid wood, all the plyboard types have several significant benefits which make them popular today.

  • All plywood types are lightweight and they do not overload the construction. Compared to solid wood, this material weighs less, even when talking about big amounts of ply boards.
  • All types of ply boards are more pliable than solid wood boards, and they can be used for curves and complex surfaces. And that fact makes them indispensable for interior design, flooring, and wall lining.
  • Although plywood is made of different layers, it is durable and can withstand high loads. There are numerous technologies for plywood manufacturing, and various plyboards can consist of various numbers of layers, whether glued or pressed to maintain the highest possible durability.
  • Plywood sizes are diverse. You can get much bigger boards made of plywood than solid wood, which is limited by the size of the trunk. 
  • This material remains stable under the impact of high or low temperatures, various moisture levels, and other natural factors that can lead to deformations. 
  • It is chemically tolerant. That means you can use plywood in aggressive environments, places where active use of chemical substances and harsh detergents is required. Plywood cannot corrode, deteriorate or rot. 

And the most significant features of all plywood material types are their diversity of designs and low price. You can select them with a polished or grained surface, of any color you need from the RAL palette, or with any texture on its surface. And in almost every case, the pricing for a plyboard is several times lower than for a similar amount of solid wooden desks. These two benefits have impacted the popularity of various plywood types for furniture manufacturing as well as for interior design.

Yet, to make a correct choice between the different plywood types in India, you need to know a bit more about them. Firstly, let’s define the most common criteria that are used to develop the typology in these materials. 

How Are Types of Plyboard Differentiated: the Main Criteria of Choice

When you want to get a plywood type that will serve your goals perfectly and meet the weather conditions requirements, you need to consider several criteria in a row that form a plywood type as-is.

  1. The number of layers the board consists of. Usually, there are 3 plies, but the dispersion can be from 2 to 4+ plies glued or pressed together. The more plies are in the structure, the higher will be the density of the material.
  2. A ply type also matters. Depending on which raw wood was taken, its thickness, and softness, there are distinguished softwood plywood and hardwood plywood types. Besides, you should take into account the thickness of the veneers. The thinner they are, the more flexible the material will be. So, when you need to line with plywood any curved surface, it is better to select thinner veneers while for flooring or wall finishing, thicker types of plywood will be preferable. 
  3. Waterproof levels. There are various types of plywood used in interior and exterior woodwork. The higher the waterproof level, the more durable the board will be made of this plywood. That plays a role when you have to use a plyboard for woodwork that will be installed or mounted in places with high humidity or constant contact with moisture. 
  4. The grade of plywood. There is a 4-step grade for identifying the quality of plywood. The grade is based on the quality indicators and visual attractiveness of the surface. Thus, there are A-grade plywood boards as well as B, C, and D-grade types. You can get into detail with your plywood supplier about the grade of the material they offer. The most delicate and visually attractive types of woodwork should be done from the plyboards of the highest A-level material.
  5. The scope of use. As we have mentioned, plywood is generally used in construction, renovation, and furniture manufacturing. But you cannot use the same type of plywood for all these industries. Moreover, even when you decide to pick some types of plywood for furniture, you need to comprehend, which will be better for the carcass and which (like film-faced plywood for example) are a win-win idea for facades. The same refers to interior and exterior design ideas. The higher will be the load on the construction lined with plywood, the thicker and more durable should be the type of material. 

So, let’s explore the most popular types of ply board that you can pick in India.

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Enclosing the Most Popular Types of Plywood in India: TOP-10 Ideas on the Choice of the Material for Your Woodwork

There are top-10, the most in-demand types of plywood you should consider when you need a reliable plywood alternative to solid wood.

  1. Softwood ply boards are in demand due to their aesthetic look and the use of valuable wood types like cedar or redwood to create that type of material. Yet, you shouldn’t think of it as a fully decorative material. That type of material is great shuttering plywood for roofs and walls. It looks great, it serves great, and yes, it offers great durability when ordered from reliable plywood suppliers.
  2. Hardwood ply boards among all types of ply offer the most valuable benefit, which is strength. It is extremely tough and its number of layers can be over 7. Besides, the main timber types for this plywood are well-known for their outstanding toughness. These are walnut and maple, as well as birchwood. Thus, you can consider this plywood variety as a good solution for frames and construction basis. 
  3. Exterior plywood types (aircraft plywood and waterproof plywood). These are several types of ply boards designed taking into account the needs of industries. For example, aircraft plywood is a material that can withstand high loads but remains lightweight and thin enough. And another kind of plywood variety which is exterior plywood shows extremely high waterproof quality along with the highest tolerance to mechanical impacts. Both of these types can serve greatly in outdoor design or when developing interior projects which require special conditions, including terrace lining projects, and flooring for swimming pools, or yacht decks.
  4. Lumber core plywood is distinguished by its outstanding design. You can easily find it just at a glance as its surface depicts a thick wood core. Besides, that plywood type is usually marked as an A-grade and its durability is high. Yet when it comes to the montage, lumber core plywood panels are indispensable for screw mounting or nail fastenings due to the compound used in this type of plywood. The secret is simple: Along with the harder upper layer of wooden panels, all other layers in a lumber core plywood are simply made of softwood types.
  5. Marine-grade plywood can be simply compared to aircraft plywood, Yet, it’s the wrong point of view. When an aircraft type of plywood is designed to be as lightweight as possible while maintaining the most valuable qualities like durability and weatherproof essence, marine plywood is quite a different material with a different intention. Its multiple layers are strong enough to become the basis for a boat, a raft, or a float. Besides, it is mostly made of larch or fir wood to provide maximum tolerance to rotting, mold, or mildew. Thus, you can use it on your terrace as a floor finish or just get that type for the interior design of humid rooms or apartments.
  6. Structural plywood is another type that mainly is distinguished by its esthetical features. Just keep in mind that its alter name is sheathing plywood. It provides the highest strength along with extreme durability and withstanding humidity. Besides, its surface even without any covering looks great and rustic. Just do not forget that this example of the types of plywood is not graded higher than C or D. If its surface will be more tailored and its quality rate will be higher, the cost of that type of plywood would be extra high, so, the manufacturers try to keep a golden mean with it.
  7. A Flexible Plywood’s name talks for itself. That is the tiniest material that offers flexibility and durability as well. The idea of that type of ply panels is the combo of a central ply of a cross-grained origin and more tough side plies. That is what usually gains credit when you need to design kitchen furniture projects with curved facades.
  8. Veneer-core plywood is the material where wooden veneers are placed not only in the core or on the sides, but almost in every part. It looks thicker and can withstand higher loads. This feature makes this type of commercial plywood the best choice for multiple occasions. Besides, its structure is diverse enough to allow you to use screw and nail fastenings to mount it.
  9. Sundeala Plyboard is a godsend for environmental enthusiasts. That type of plywood is the type of sustainable material that offers all the main merits of a ply board along with its sustainable origin. That type of plywood is made of used paper, including printed papers and newspapers. Instead of using solid wood, that type of material saves wood, protects the environment, and it is still one of the most durable materials in the market. 
  10. ApplePly Plywood is a special kind of combined material for construction and furniture making. That type refers to the apple pie due to its multiple layers which create a strong and durable background for most furniture and constructions. As usual, it contains layers of birchwood and alder wood. That combo creates a great opportunity to keep the shape as well as to develop the design you wish to get. You can use that type of plywood for the outer sides of your furniture, as well as for cabinets and shelves. Besides, its edges look great even if you do not cut them technologically.

ply sheetsConclusions

When you want to get a reliable material for woodwork that will perfectly fit your ideas, just do not forget to consider plywood as one of the best modern materials for construction, interior design, and furniture. Besides, there are lots of varieties of plywood, so you may find the type that will fully meet your expectations. You should consider that some of these plywood different types are intended just for inner woodwork, and some of them are good for outer decorations or furniture facades. 

There is also a need for getting in touch with a reliable plywood supplier in India when you want to get a high-quality product. The Nordecoply company can help you with that. Just decide on the type of ply boards you want to purchase, and we’ll provide you with the necessary amount. We hope that our guide on different types of plywood will come in handy for you, and you will be fully content with all the benefits that material offers and the opportunities that it encloses to a manufacturer. That’s up to us to provide you with top-notch wooden materials for your business goals and offer you the most reasonable price without any dependence on the amount of plywood you decide to buy from us.

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