Best Wood Boards for Kitchen Cabinets

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The place where we cook and eat in the house is the center of energy, where food is processed, a fire burns intensively, and water pours. Every day such a set is subjected to a serious test. Splashing, steam, high temperature – it’s the real test of survival. And if in other rooms you can afford to put more fragile furniture, the cooking place is where everything around should be strong, solid, and reliable. There is a wide variety of design ideas today. The main thing is to decide what is the best material for kitchen cabinets. It’s a complicated subject that needs to be dealt with in depth. 

Best Cupboard Material

A good cookhouse set is a guarantee of convenience and quality food preparation. This process is accompanied by high temperatures and humidity, not all installations can withstand such loads. In addition to the practical side, the facade is also important: it is often here where guests are received or gather for a family dinner. Any interior designer will tell you that. Therefore, you need to be careful and accurate in the selection of kitchen cabinet material. There is a chance that such products will serve you for decades. Beautiful, but uncomfortable in-use garniture will poison the life of the mistress of the apartment. When choosing a kitchen, three components are taken into account: facade, functionality, and structure of the base. The eco-frame structure is another component of the positive properties of cooking furniture. 

Cupboard MaterialFor example, plastic cookhouses are considered safe for human health, but still, they do not meet these conditions as well as the living wood. But a refinished chipboard can be laminated with a composition based on acrylic resins, which themselves are considered safe, having antiseptic, hypoallergenic properties. To maintain maximum environmental cleanliness in the house, you will just need to adhere to specific rules of use and care for furniture made of synthetic materials. For example, try not to heat the form too much, so that the space is not emitted with volatile toxic substances that can only be formed by the strongest heat. Since we have to live in an era of new technology, let’s look at which material is best for cupboards and an entire modular kitchen in the 21st century.

Solid Wood

It is worth starting with solid wood. Surprisingly, humans have retained a reverent love for natural material, although today the market offers a variety of artificial alternatives. It was originally used to make all furniture, including:

  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen, etc. 

Previously, timber was the only kitchen cabinet best material for the production of interior items. However, even now, when a huge number of modern and practical materials have appeared in the market, it is not inferior to the palm. Its warmth and nobility create a special cozy atmosphere in the house. It is relevant at any time because it easily fits in many directions: 

  • Classic
  • Country
  • Provence
  • Scandinavia
  • Mediterranean
  • and eco-style. 

In addition to its luxurious appearance, it has other advantages. Solid timber furniture still emphasizes the status and taste of the customer. What’s more, it is recognized as the best wood for kitchen cabinets in India. In such regions, there is a special attitude to the manufacture of various kinds of products. Locals and not only locals always make their own choices. But if you need to look out for a quality board for kitchen cabinets, natural timber remains a priority. Hardwoods are considered the most reliable, although proper processing allows you to make quality furniture from any kind of wood. The material is sensitive to ultraviolet light, so over time it can change its hue. 


It is considered to be the best material for a kitchen cabinet according to the experts. It has the advantage of maximum structural strength. Everyone knows that even houses are built with plywood. There are also disadvantages – the material used for kitchen cabinets always comes without a finish coating (bare timber). As a result, it needs to be veneered, sanded, stained, and painted to get a finished look. This significantly slows down its processing and makes the entire production of modular kitchens more expensive. Today, the structure is still more popular in the market of northern European countries (UK, Scandinavia). 


It allows the construction of large classic cookhouses of the highest level. Still, in some cases, plywood may be the best material for modern kitchen storage projects. However, in a particular case, the applicability of plywood to a particularly modern design is always better assessed only by an expert. It has unique properties such as low weight, beautiful texture, durability, and ease of processing. Foreign home builders have a greater choice of kitchen cabinet materials used and combine them with colored laminated plywood to create interesting designs. Do not forget that plywood can be an indispensable component in creating a Scandinavian-style cookhouse.


The chips, pressed with timber resin under high temperatures, are transformed into a strong, wear-resistant form. It can be used to make any products with your well-planned room designs. It is what makes radiused, streamlined fronts. For use in the kitchen, MDF boards are treated in different ways: they are painted with enamel paints and lacquered, PVC film, veneer, or acrylic. Such material used in kitchen cabinets can be chosen in any color and texture. There are options on the market for every style, budget, and preference. The result of such a product is that it is resistant to wear and tear garnish that can withstand even no-nonsense temperature fluctuations. 


MDF is an economical structure. In case you are limited in funds, this is the best way out for you. Looking at the figures, it is the best cabinet material for kitchen design. It is much lighter than solid wood installation and less demanding in care. You won’t be afraid to scratch the cabinet doors. The cookhouse with such a form can be handled more unceremoniously. By the way, the coating for such a set can serve as a wood veneer, which will add points to the visual side of the furniture.


It is a board made of wood sawdust impregnated with resin. It is most often found as a kitchen cupboard material. For the production of headsets use certain moisture-resistant products, which are characterized by high resistance to moisture. Special mention should be made of laminated particleboard cookhouses. Thanks to the certain coating, durability is increased. This is very important when making an apron or a children’s kitchen. Especially today, you can hear expert advice that stainless steel products are the priority of choice for the household. There is some truth in this. 


But, it is important to note that in today’s society, there are a variety of materials used in cooking cabinets. There’s not some cliche. Simple processing makes it possible to create accurate and desired designs in no time at all without the need for the introduction of certain equipment. They are easy to install with no preparatory work required. The integrity and homogeneity of the products are ensured by the presence of a significant amount of resin. The viscous structure acts as a binding element between the timber chips and also gives the boards a high density. For this reason, various kinds of screws are securely fixed in the chipboard, which gives durability to the mounted door handles and hinges. And of course, the main advantage of board products is their low cost.


In the furniture, a veneer is used as the back wall which material is best for kitchen cabinets. It’s a form that is applied to the chipboard and MDF panels to make them look like a natural array. Sometimes these rooms made of budget wood species are finished with expensive products. This allows you to keep all the advantages of the array while giving the furniture an even more solid look. It can change the design of the room beyond recognition. At the same time, its use doesn’t affect the final cost of the product as much as the manufacture of an object from this type of engineered wood as a whole. But, not surprisingly, it is quite a sought-after kitchen cupboard material today. 


Many designers do not consider it as cabinet material in their plans. It’s all individual. Veneered fronts for kitchen furniture are becoming increasingly popular. They look like natural wood, smell the same, and do not even differ from it to the touch. At the same time, in terms of price and practicality, they approach the more affordable MDF boards. Current technology has made it possible to improve natural coatings by making them more durable, homogeneous, and decorative. In modern kitchens, the veneer line looks brighter, and the perfect surface sometimes makes you question its natural origin.

Final Thoughts 

You don’t have to choose a kitchen made of expensive wood. Properly treated budget one is an excellent structure for creating spectacular and durable sets. It should be remembered that even cheap lumber will last a much longer period than other materials used for the production of furniture sets. The finish of the rest of the apartment is very important. For the cookhouse to blend in with the overall design, you can use the same colors and textures as in the other rooms – especially if you have it combined with the living room. In this article, we have broken down that a lot of materials used for kitchen cabinets have their sides. It is up to you to decide what you will use at home or in another private room.

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