Birch Plywood 24mm photo

Birch Plywood 24mm

The exquisite birch wood face veneers employed in producing this plywood contribute significantly to their legendary strength and longevity. Each side of this 24mm Birch Plywood is sanded to a fine, smooth finish.

Uses of Birch Plywood 24mm

A majority of the 24mm thickness of birch plywood is used in the furniture industry. Hardwood best describes the nature of the wood used in this birch plywood.

24 mm birch plywood sheets are the best alternative for carpentry and furniture production because of their exceptional rigidity and strength.

Cost of Birch Plywood 24mm

The cost of birch plywood 24mm sheets starts from 120-160 INR/square foot and changes from state to state. 


  • furniture manufacturing
  • container production, packaging
  • construction
  • interior decorating, flooring

Main characteristics:

  • water resistance
  • excellent strength
  • natural wood texture
  • exceptionally smooth surface