Birch Plywood 3mm photo

Birch Plywood 3mm

3mm birch plywood is produced from machine-composed birch veneers and a natural, whole-piece birch veneer on both sides. Plywood made from veneer birch is widely considered to be the best available because of its superior structural and mechanical qualities.

Specifics on the Product

The product is made of veneer wood with a constant thickness throughout and is essentially free of any voids. Our 3mm birch plywood has aesthetically attractive finishes on the faces and edges.


3mm birch plywood sheets can be employed in a diverse variety of woodworking works. Some of these include cabinets, flooring, drawer sides, packaging, industrial components, toys, retail fixtures, and many more.

Cost of 3 mm Birch Plywood

The average cost per square foot for a 3mm birch plywood sheet starts from 44 INR, subject to change as per state.


  • furniture manufacturing
  • container production, packaging
  • construction
  • interior decorating, flooring

Main characteristics:

  • water resistance
  • excellent strength
  • natural wood texture
  • exceptionally smooth surface