Birch Plywood 4mm photo

Birch Plywood 4mm

High-quality birch plywood is famous for its sturdiness and durability since they are produced with premium solid and face birch veneers. Both sides of the board are smooth because of a 4mm birch plywood surface. Sub-floors are frequently made of plywood planks 4 mm thick, 2.44 m long, and 1.22 m wide (8 x 4 ft). All general work, including CNC machining, is appropriate for these boards. 

Application for 4 mm Birch Plywood

They can be used for walls and ceiling linings, doors, acoustic panels, cabinets, flooring, woodwork and joinery, external use, and architectural and commercial projects—additionally, general DIY.

Cost of 4 mm Birch Plywood

The average cost per square foot for 4mm birch plywood sheets is around 74 INR, subject to change as per state.


  • furniture manufacturing
  • container production, packaging
  • construction
  • interior decorating, flooring

Main characteristics:

  • water resistance
  • excellent strength
  • natural wood texture
  • exceptionally smooth surface