Birch Plywood 19mm photo

Birch Plywood 19mm

Birch plywood 19mm is made from the highest Marine Grade face birch veneers. It is also available in brown, making it ideal for making office and home furnishings and utensils.

It is abrasion resistant and comes in 8x4ft sizes with a minimum order quantity of 200 square feet.

Birch Plywood 19mm Applications

Birch plywood 19mm is primarily used in wardrobe doors, TV stands, and luxury home interiors. Kitchen Replacement Doors, Bathroom Panels complement the aesthetic of the interiors. 

Cost of Birch Plywood 19mm

The birch plywood 19mm price starts from 130- 150 INR/square foot and changes from state to state.


  • furniture manufacturing
  • container production, packaging
  • construction
  • interior decorating, flooring

Main characteristics:

  • water resistance
  • excellent strength
  • natural wood texture
  • exceptionally smooth surface