Color MDF Board

Coloured MDF board is a cutting-edge material that allows you to express yourself artistically by incorporating your colour scheme and style. Its primary raw material is natural wood fibre. It combines fire and moisture resistance with a uniformly coloured, textured surface produced using only natural adhesives and colouring ingredients.

MDF board colours give away beautiful, dazzling colours, particularly for the wall frames. In India, the pricing typically starts at 150 INR per square foot.

Colour MDF Board Application

  • Cabinet, kitchen, TV wall, decorative wall, and door panel
  • Storefront decorative piece, a display stand, a signboard, and a display wall.
  • Wall coverings for public areas, exhibitions, corridors, and themes.
  • Decoration of building materials.
  • Furniture/Toys/Accessories

Key features of MDF Board Colours 

  • Premium quality
  • Ready to use for a wide range of purposes.
  • Immediately usable either with matching edge tapes of the same colour and finish or without edge tapes.

NORDECO design advantages are:

Форматы и толщины

Wide range of thicknesses


High-density boards


Raw material base of northern birch and spruce species


Modern production lines