MDF 16mm photo

MDF 16mm

An MDF with a thickness of 16 mm offers excellent machining qualities and is sturdy enough for any need. This material is free from inherent flaws and has an even texture on its surface. It can be sanded to a uniform finish. If you need solid wood boards but don’t want to pay solid wood pricing, a 16mm MDF sheet is a good choice. Such sheets are also perfect for people who want their planks to have more usefulness and variation in colour.


The 16 mm MDF board price per square foot costs up to 32.49 INR. 


  • Superb Resistance to Moisture
  • Resistant against Borers, Termites, and Mould
  • Cheaper than Generic Plywood by 40%
  • Dense and Uniform
  • Exceptional dimensional stability and strength.
  • Powerful mechanical processing capabilities.

Depending on the final aesthetic you like, a variety of wood boards are also available to purchase.

NORDECO design advantages are:

Форматы и толщины

Wide range of thicknesses


High-density boards


Raw material base of northern birch and spruce species


Modern production lines