MDF 6mm photo

MDF 6mm

MDF 6mm is a composite panel made from cellulose fibres that have been heated and pressed together with synthetic glue or other appropriate bonding technique. 6mm MDF sheets are great for simple carpentry tasks like shelves and trim.

MDF is readily available in various sizes, is easily machined, and has a lovely, smooth, sanded face that is excellent for painting. The 6mm MDF sheet price starts at 26 INR per square unit. 


For a smooth curved surface, the panel must have precisely carved grooves along its length or breadth, ideally suited for building curved structures. Both long and short grains are available.


For internal purposes, such as shelves, cupboards, closets, and many other joinery-related activities, a 6 mm MDF board can be utilised. These are readily available with options for adding holes, cutouts, and rounded edges.

NORDECO design advantages are:

Форматы и толщины

Wide range of thicknesses


High-density boards


Raw material base of northern birch and spruce species


Modern production lines