MDF Design Sheet photo

MDF Design Sheet

MDF design sheet is durable, resistant to the elements, and long-lasting. It’s a smart choice for those who need something sturdy yet stylish. Standard MDF design panels give the most variety of any product family. Sheets measuring 3mm in thickness are the cheapest option, with the range going all the way up to 32mm. Since MDF can be used in so many different ways, there is a plethora of unique styles available. Walls panelled with an MDF pattern sheet that has been painted over can look nice and smooth.

Price, Length, and Thickness

Our Standard MDF is available in five different sizes. There are five distinct dimensions to choose from: 2400 x 1200mm, 2700 x 1200mm, 3600 x 1200mm, 3600 x 1800mm, and 2400 x 900mm. The MDF design sheet price might range from 50 INR up to a maximum of 130 INR per square foot.

NORDECO design advantages are:

Форматы и толщины

Wide range of thicknesses


High-density boards


Raw material base of northern birch and spruce species


Modern production lines