Laminated MDF Boards

A laminated MDF board is made of pressed, shredded particles of wood mixed with a bonding agent. Nordeco boards are great for making furniture and interior parts. They are mobile and plain and contribute to a trendy-looking space. MDF is a cheaper and more resilient substitute for wood. It is available in sheets which may have varying degrees of thickness. The boards have different sizes, anything from a couple of feet to very large planks. You can send an inquiry to learn more about the lineup of Nordeco products, which include laminated chipboard, plywood, and MDF. They are available at reasonable prices.

Pre Laminated MDF Sheets

Pre-laminated MDF boards have a high resistance to humidity and are quite durable, which makes them indispensable for any modern home or apartment. An MDF laminated sheet will serve for many years. Request a quote today to purchase Nordeco pre-laminated sheets. View the entire range of products on our website. These include plywood, chipboard, sawn boards and wood boards

NORDECO design advantages are:


Large range of exclusive decors


Raw material base of northern birch and spruce species


Medium-density fiberboardMedium-density fiberboard, GOST 32274-2013
Size, mm2440 х 1830, 2750 х 1830
Thickness, mm6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, 24
Tolerance by thickness, mm± 0,3
Density (depending on board thickness), kg/m3600-800
Formaldehyde emission classE1, E2

NORDECO design collection

The NORDECO design collection includes a wide range of popular decors and embossings. The decors are updated annually in line with global trends.

6 embossing types


Smooth matt


Soft wood


Orange peel







Packing and loading standards

Product nameSheet size, mmNumber of sheets per packNumber of m2 in a bundle
1 Grade MDF2440х1830х2424107.16
1 Grade MDF2440х1830х1832142.88
1 Grade MDF2750х1830х1630150.99
1 Grade MDF2440х1830х1636160.74
1 Grade MDF2750х1830х1242211.386
1 Grade MDF2750х1830х1050251.65
1 Grade MDF2750х1830х862312.046
1 Grade MDF2750х1830х682412,706

Certificates of conformity