Stack of plywoods isolation on a white background. 3d illustration

10mm Plywood

10mm plywood is made from pine and hardwood.

Features of 10 mm Plywood

Plywood 10 mm is a building wooden layer, cut from 3-5 layers of veneer, along with other materials. Plywood is produced in the form of five grades and has a standard size and rectangle or square form. As an exception, some manufacturers may produce additional large-format plywood sheets of non-standard sizes.

Scope of Plywood 10 mm

The class of thick ply sheets includes a size of 10 mm and above. They are most often called construction and are primarily used in the following industries and production:

  • light engineering;
  • car building;
  • formwork manufacturing;
  • as a material for sheathing houses and other buildings;
  • in the prefabricated panel, frame, and mobile structures;
  • for flooring;
  • in the manufacture of table tops for tables;
  • in other construction projects subjected to strong external loads.

For laying floors, laminates, parquets, 10 mm plywood serves as a backing material under the main board.

The Price of 10 mm Plywood

10 mm plywood price is in the range of 45-50 INR per square meter.