piles of pine plywood lie on top of each other

12mm Plywood

12mm plywood is one of the most popular building materials. It is moisture-resistant and unpolished material with a beautiful texture. 

Properties of 12 mm Plywood

The material is a plate obtained by pressing from several layers of veneer (from 3 to 10). It retains all the properties of natural wood while having the best strength characteristics. Ideal for interior work in residential and non-residential premises. This is an environmentally friendly material with the smell of natural wood. 12mm plywood does not lose its properties in a humid environment.

Plywood 12mm has a sheet format that is convenient for transportation and installation. It is easily processed, glued, and perfectly holds almost all protective and paint coatings. A sheet 12 mm thick is optimal in terms of the ratio of strength characteristics and price.

Scope of Plywood 12mm

The use of 12mm plywood is possible in various areas: 

  • internal partitions of rooms and decorative elements; 
  • 12mm thickness is sufficient in strength for floor coverings; 
  • interior decoration; 
  • production of containers, and packaging; 
  • furniture production, household, and souvenir products.

The Price of Plywood 12 mm

The minimum 12mm plywood price is 45-50 INR per square meter. Reliable supplier Nordeco offers wholesale deliveries of 12 mm plywood throughout India at the best prices.