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25mm Plywood

25mm plywood is a multi-layer material obtained by gluing thin layers of veneer together.

Main Characteristics of 25mm Plywood

Plywood is produced from hardwood veneer. The veneer is laid so that the direction of the fiber of each next layer is perpendicular to the previous one. Thus, the mechanical strength of the product and resistance to bending loads are significantly increased. The layers are laid on special glue and placed under a press at high temperatures. The moisture-resistant effect is achieved by covering the material with a protective layer of plastic.

Scope of 25mm Ply

Plywood 25mm has a wide range of applications. The plates are characterized by increased rigidity and density, therefore they are often used in the facade and interior decoration when laying the floor.

1525 x 1525 mm is the most popular size for 25mm ply sheets. Fields where the material is used, such as formwork, garden structures, partitions, etc., provide large dimensions.

The cost of Plywood 25mm

Nordeco offers high-quality ply at competitive prices. 25mm plywood price depends on the grade, sheet sizes, and other important parameters. The manufacturer offers wholesale deliveries to organizations and individuals throughout India.