8mm Plywood

Plywood 8mm is produced from high-quality softwood and hardwood. 

8mm Plywood Properties

Plywood sheets consist of peeled veneers that are stuck together. The sheets are glued so that the arrangement of the fibers is mutually athwart. On how many layers of veneer will be laid on the sheet the thickness depends. 8 mm plywood contains at least 3 plates and has various widths and lengths.

In What Areas is Plywood 8mm Used

The 8mm ply is suitable for decoration in exteriors and interiors, in furniture and container manufacture, as well as in construction and many other industries. Softwood ply goes to the floor because it is almost resistant to fungal attacks. It is used for laying any floor covering that requires a perfectly flat surface.

The Cost of Plywood 8mm

8 mm plywood price averages 75 INR per square meter. With bulk purchases, you can buy 8mm plywood at a more affordable price.