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Hardwood Plywood

Plywood can be used not only as rough flooring but also as an independent facing material for ceilings and walls.


Hardwood Plywood Properties

Hardwood plywood is the highest quality material. It is smooth, without roughness, knots, and bumps. The material does not crack or scratch, it is durable and moisture-resistant. It can be covered with oil, varnish, or paint.

Use of Hardwood Plywood

Plywood is used quite widely. The main direction of use is rough finishing, laying floors, arranging the roof, and creating formwork, doors, and partitions. Since the material does not warp, it is good for balconies and terraces.

With the help of hard wood plywood, facing works are carried out. Walls of garden houses and arbors can be sheathed. The external beauty makes it possible to make excellent furniture. It is also suitable for creating soundproof partitions due to its high density.

Hardwood Plywood Cost

The cost of hardwood plywood in India is about 60 INR per sqft. The final price depends on the characteristics of the material (size, thickness, and color).