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Plywood 16mm

16mm plywood is a multi-layer furniture and building material obtained by gluing together individually taken sheets of specially made veneer.

Scope of Plywood 16 mm

Since the price of 16 mm plywood is relatively low, for many construction works it serves as the main material. Plywood of this thickness is suitable for laying floors and wall cladding. It has excellent thermal insulation. In the case of plywood based on formaldehyde glue, you can count on high moisture resistance even without applying an additional coating on the surface. 

The Cost of Plywood 16mm

The middle 16mm plywood price is 60-70 INR per square meter. The final cost depends on the characteristics of the material and the volume of the lot.

Nordeco offers wholesale deliveries of 16 mm plywood throughout India. Eco-friendly production, a wide range of plywood grades, and favorable prices make Nordeco a reliable manufacturer and partner for wholesale deliveries.