A stack of OSB sheets stacked one on another

Plywood 18mm

Plywood 18mm is available in a large assortment. There are more than 25 types of ply sheets with different characteristics and sizes.

The Main Properties of 18mm Plywood 

High-quality 18mm plywood is made using glue based on urea-casein or urea-formaldehyde resin. The material has moisture resistance, which makes it possible to make interior details from it. Rough plywood has a beautiful texture and retains the properties of natural wood.

18mm plywood provides high strength and rigidity. The material can withstand heavy loads. Ply is available in different sizes. But the most popular plywood 18mm sheet size is 1220×2440 mm. If necessary, many manufacturers produce ply sheets with individual dimensions. Due to the large thickness, the weight of one sheet can be 30-35 kg.

Scope of Plywood 18mm

The most popular are laminated sheets. It is used in the manufacture of load-bearing partitions, floors, stairs, and roofing. Plywood sheets 18 mm are suitable for the manufacture of interior items. Kitchen sets, dinettes, bookshelves, and partitions are made from this material. A wide range of top films will help bring almost any design idea to life. Handcrafted pieces of furniture will look like they are made from a single piece of wood. To achieve this effect, you can choose from the proposed many different shades and textures.

The Cost of Plywood 18mm

The price of an 18mm ply depends on the size, grade, and other important material characteristics. Nordeco offers wholesale 18mm plywood in a wide range with fast delivery throughout India.