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Plywood 19mm

Plywood 19mm is a strong, wear-resistant, and mechanical deformation-resistant building material.

Properties of 19mm Plywood

Plywood 19mm grade is made from several layers of wood veneer glued with urea glue. The internal layers can be made from different types of wood but for the external ones birch or tropical woods are used.

With a low density, this material is durable and has an attractive appearance. 19 mm plywood is a low-toxic and environmentally friendly material. It well resists the negative effects of the environment such as changes in temperature, humidity, and mechanical stress.

Scope of Plywood 19mm

Ply is a commonly used material in various industries due to its functionality and relatively affordable price. In construction, it is used when creating formwork, some sections of roofs, when arranging scaffolding, wooden structures as part of building facades, as well as when facing buildings. When decorating the interior, plywood is suitable for the manufacture of soundproofing panels, window sills, doors, elevator sheathing, and various surface cladding.

The Cost of Plywood 19mm

19mm plywood price depends on the grade, sheet size, and other important parameters of the material. Nordeco is a reliable manufacturer that offers wholesale 19mm plywood at competitive prices with delivery throughout India.