type of plywood

Plywood 4mm

4mm plywood is an affordable material that is highly durable and has a wide range of applications.

Features of 4 mm Plywood

4mm plywood sheets consist of several layers made from wood glued together using urea-formaldehyde resins.

This material has a lot of positive qualities:

  • lightweight;
  • easily lays down on any surface;
  • simple to process;
  • security and availability.

Scope of Plywood 4mm

Plywood 4 mm does not weigh down the structure. It is successfully used to increase rigidity when sheathing wooden frames. A high degree of flexibility has made these canvases in demand in modeling. Production of furniture is hard to imagine without a 4mm ply. It is necessary for the back walls of many pieces of furniture or parts that are not subjected to pressure.

The cost of plywood 4mm

Plywood 4mm price is in the range of 55-60 INR per sqft. Reliable supplier Nordeco offers quality 4mm ply at the most affordable prices in India.