Table top view of wood texture in white light natural color background. Grey clean grain wooden floor birch panel backdrop with plain board pale detail streak finishing for chic space clear concept.

White Plywood

White plywood is made from compressed birch shavings and covered with a special waterproof film.


Advantages of White Plywood

White plywood has an extremely attractive, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and other advantages:

  • increased resistance to abrasion;
  • resistance to aggressive chemicals;
  • additional protection of the end sections with waterproof acrylic paint completely; eliminates the possibility of moisture getting behind the film;
  • wood, isolated from the harmful effects of liquids, will never swell and will not be covered with cracks;
  • high sound insulation characteristics;
  • the basis of the material is environmentally friendly birch veneer, without any impurities.

Where is White Plywood Used?

White plywood sheets have become an indispensable material for the manufacture of formwork structures, as well as for exterior wall decoration. It is also used in the construction of small temporary buildings and for the manufacture of high-quality waterproof furniture.

The Price of White Plywood

The cost of white plywood in India is around 40-50 INR. The final price for bulk purchase is calculated on an individual basis and depends on many factors, such as:

  • grade;
  • thickness;
  • dimensions;
  • scope of supply.