White Laminated Chipboard photo

White Laminated Chipboard

Quality white laminated chipboard that meets international safety standards is the backbone of the furniture industry. There are several other types of embossing available, such as wood pores (SWOr), shagreen (PEr), and smooth matte (SMr).

Application Of White Laminated Chipboard

White laminated particle boards with decorative laminates are made of plastic or wood. These are superior to plain, unfinished fibre boards in strength, smoothness, and appearance. Although not particularly significant for furniture, this is highly beneficial for speakers and the false ceiling in theatres, auditoriums, and other similar spaces.

White melamine chipboard is available in India for 24 INR per square foot, and the cost varies accordingly per state. Board Wood particle typical sizes are 8’x4′, 8’x6′, and 9’x6′.

White Chipboards vs Plywood

Both materials offer good strength, but plywood is far more durable when big objects are dropped since it consists of continuous layers of wood.

Nordeco Chipboard advantages are:

Форматы и толщины

Different selection of formats, thicknesses


Friendly European standards of emission class E1 and E2


Resource base of the outer layers through the use of Northern species of birch and spruce


Production of chipboards with increasing water resistant