Environmental Protection

Nordeco’s goal is to reduce the negative impact of its activities on the environment by gradually reducing emissions and discharges of pollutants, reducing waste generation and increasing recycling and composting initiatives.

In addition, our enterprises are investing in new environmental equipment to optimize technological processes.

The use of synthetic resins per unit of production was reduced by 30% due to the use of advanced equipment and innovative production technologies. Sanding pads now produce five times less dust than before.

In 2018, one of the NORDECO manufacturing plants, CPFP, was recognized as one of the “100 Best Organizations in Russia”. One of the highest public environmental awards “Environmental Science and Policy” awarded the company with a diploma and a gold medal for:

  • Air emissions
  • Water use
  • Waste management

A number of initiatives have been implemented to limit environmental damage. Reducing formaldehyde and wood dust particles in the air is a major goal of environmental efforts. We strictly adhere to the established protocol when implementing measures to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from industrial facilities. At the border of the sanitary protection zone, air quality is also monitored.


The plant’s primary sources of wood dust emissions are equipped with dust and gas purification devices and filter sleeves, which are replaced annually to maintain efficiency. Replacement of filter sleeves in Steinemann and Bison filters, the German filter Dieffenbacher, and the aspiration system Consar led to a significant decrease in dust emissions. Steps were taken to fix the workshop’s pneumatic chipboard conveying system.


In 2018, a project on maximum allowable atmospheric emissions was established as part of the implementation of environmental protection measures and compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation. The Rospotrebnadzor Office has given it its stamp of approval after doing its own sanitary and epidemiological analysis. A pollution emission permit was given by the Vologda Region Office of Rosprirodnadzor.