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Plywood Wholesale

For many years, we have been the go-to plywood wholesaler in the industry. A variety of Quality plywood options, including Commercial, MR Grade, Waterproof/Marine, and Gurjan Plywood, are available from us to our customers. Our extensive selection of wholesale plywood panels can be used for construction of any scale, whether it be a private residence, business, or factory. We offer timely and pan-India delivery and are known among the industry as premium plywood products dealers. Don’t hesitate and call us.

What Is Plywood

Plywood is a wood product made up of three or more thin wooden layer sheets. These thin sheets are compactly adhered to one another with adhesive and glue to form one thick flat sheet. Plywood is chosen based on whether it will be used inside or outside. It usually consists of two types of wood: softwood, which comes from spruce and pine, and hardwood, which comes from teak, birch, and Gurjan. 

How to Buy the Right Type of Plywood

Select the plywood based on your needs rather than more conventional criteria. Here’s an example:

  • If you’re buying wholesale plywood sheets for furniture in a dry room like a bedroom, living room, or study room, think about getting commercial or MR-grade plywood.
  • However, Waterproof or Gurjan plywood is a good choice for any cabinets you want to put in a wet environment like a kitchen or bathroom.

How Is the Wholesale Price of Plywood Determined?

Unlike Timber, price is determined in square feet or square metres. The density, type of wood core and face veneer used, and whether or not they have been treated for waterproofing all have a role in determining the final cost. 

The most recent plywood wholesale price for 12 mm thick plywood from a wholesaler is 44 INR/square foot.

Application of Plywood

Plywood is frequently used for internal walls, roofing, flooring, and exterior wall sheathing. It is not an overstatement to suggest that plywood is an excellent addition for individuals who enjoy hardwood interiors and exteriors.