What Does the MDF Material Mean?


When you shop in the lumber store or decide to purchase new furniture, you probably face lots of special abbreviations used to name some kinds of materials. The MDF material is one of the most popular abbreviations in the construction, renovation, and furniture manufacturing industries.

What is MDF, and which features make this material one of the best? Let’s enclose it in our article.

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The Secret of the Material: MDF

As usual, MDF boards are considered to be an alternative to solid wood. It has the same origin, but the process of MDF manufacturing is quite different. What is an MDF board? This is a special construction & renovation material, which is medium-density fiberboard. Such boards are made using the method of dry pressing of sawdust (shavings) under the impact of high temperatures and high pressure. The material achieves high strength due to the use of carbamide resins as a binder. The result is an MDF panel, which is then sent to improve the appearance using various technologies of finishing. The material MDF means shortened Medium-Density Fiber panel, and that term describes the essence of the material.

Thus, if you want to understand what is MDF wood, you should not consider it as a timber but as a composite material that combines natural raw timber background and resins.

Usually, MDF is manufactured in the form of panels or boards with various densities and dimensions. There are several types of MDF wood material, depending on the technology of their production and finishing.

  • Fully pressed panels. They are plates with smooth surfaces on both sides. They are produced by pressing wood pulp under high temperatures and pressure.
  • Laminated MDF material means that it is also fully pressed but, in addition, it is covered with polymeric film on its front side.
  • Waterproof MDF is manufactured from denser material. Only high-quality wood is used for their production, which is pressed under prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Besides, to understand what is MDF material you should consider that its front side can be finished in various ways including a polymeric film with various gloss effects, veneer finishing, or just painting in different colors

MDF in furnitureWhat Is MDF Used For?

Two main industries use such a material as MDF. These are the renovation industry and furniture manufacture. For both of them, MDF board is used due to its impeccable features that are as follows:

  • They are safe and produced using environmentally friendly materials that do not harm health and the environment.
  • MDF boards are easy to mount and cut to the desired size.
  • High levels of moisture resistance. Thanks to its moisture-repellent coating, MDF furniture material is suitable for the production of kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture.
  • A variety of colors and textures is also one of the best qualities of this material.
  • And, of course, the prevalence of MDF use is due to its cheapness, especially in comparison with solid wood.

MDF in Furniture Making Business

Today, MDF material for furniture is one of the most widespread. It is one of the best ideas for kitchen furniture facade panel production as well as for wardrobes, vanities, drawers, and all kinds of office furniture. Due to the strength and reliability of MDF boards, MDF furniture durability is above the bravest expectations. So, if you worry whether is MDF good for wardrobes, you can be sure it is.

MDF for Renovation & Repair Goals

Besides the MDF furniture, you can also see the example of using MDF in interior design. MDF boards are great alternatives to other wall finishing. Especially there is an expert’s advice to use it, especially when it comes to design ideas for premises with high traffic or increased requirements for sanitary needs. Their waterproof qualities allow also to use of MDF boards in bathrooms, saunas, swimming pools, kitchens, etc.

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Summarizing What Is MDF Material and Which Its Benefits Are Crucial

As you can see, MDF is a great alternative to solid wood panels. The MDF material meaning shows its medium density and fiberboard origin. Yet these technological aspects are combined with multiple benefits like high durability, good waterproof qualities, and a diversity of designs and colors. Besides, high-quality MDF board costs are low. Thus, it is a good option for furniture manufacturing and interior design.

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